No more failures in IT

Full control of your systems and services with AIOps platform for log collection and analysis, functional UX testing, and automated incident management

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Ongoing and real time IT monitoring and functional testing

Find out about failures before customers notice them. Reduce incident investigation time by 60%


Respond to failures before your customers notice them

Machine vision and autotests let you know about system failures in seconds, and the number of failures detected by clients is reduced significantly.

Reduce the cost of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure

MONQ eliminates the costly “manual control”. Using one system, you save on hiring additional staff and supporting multiple systems

Stop firefighting. Resolve the problems at the root

In complex IT infrastructures, it is difficult to understand what the source of the problem is and how processes influence each other. MONQ comprehensively analyzes data from different systems and shows the sources of failure and the degree of their impact on the health of the entire IT system

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Hybrid monitoring and log analysis

90% reduce the stream of meaningless alerts. Get rid of the chaos. Reduce troubleshooting time by 50%


Get rid of the “noise” and focus on the important things

MONQ allows you to 80% reduce the number of useless alerts and keeps all crashes and events under control

Manage all IT infrastructure from a single screen

Solve the problem of fragmentation: you no longer need to switch between different monitoring systems that your teams and departments use. All information, all systems - in real-time on one screen, "under MONQ the umbrella"

React effectively

MONQ increases the efficiency of route-causes analysis several times and increases the speed of investigation of IT-incidents by 78%

Effective collaboration

Members of different teams receive reports, tasks, incidents, notification of problems. They set up processes inside the system, share knowledge and look after the robots

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Automate routine operations. Focus on the essentials. Save up to 25% of your IT budget


Use AI opportunities

Predictive analytics, early detection of anomalies, and rapid automated response can help to avoid more than 20% of incidents

Automate routine

Set up automation scripts, and MONQ will solve your problems independently. You will receive a message only about the result when the failure is already resolved

Improve financial results of the company

The stability of work is both a business reputation and a high level of customer satisfaction. And how much does an hour of downtime cost for your most important services? Implementing AIOps on average improves your service availability by 30% and improves NPS by 15%

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Who needs MONQ?

All the companies with large IT-infrastructure. It is irreplaceable for business, which depends on the reliability of IT infrastructure and digital services

  • banks and funds
  • retail
  • telecom
  • government
  • industry and fuel and energy sector
  • insurance
  • e-commerce
  • services
  • small and medium business

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What will you appreciate in MONQ?

Noise reduction and detection of really important events

MONQ helps you quickly find the most important of thousands of events and failures. Thanks to machine learning, the system analyzes IT infrastructures, detects suspicious deviations, identifies the most important ones and notifies your teams. No more distractions on “noise” and unimportant events

Ability to implement your scripts and event handling rules

Using the Lua, Bash, and Rest code, you can write almost any automation script. And when once again you need to switch the port, you can go drink coffee, and the system will do all the work

High incident response rate and lack of time lags

MONQ processes Big Data in real-time. Information about incidents, failures and suspicious deviations will instantly get to your team. The system has no delays in the data processing

High-performance incident notification system

If something goes wrong, all responsible team members will be notified immediately via various communication channels: in Telegram, chats, email, by phone

Centralized IT monitoring with all necessary integrations already in the box

MONQ brings all monitoring systems to one screen: there are Zabbix, Prometheus, SCOM, and Ntop in the box. If there is no integration with the system you need, we will do it in two weeks, or you can configure it yourself by using MONQ EasyBus Technology

The ability to adapt the system to your needs

Customize the system to fit your needs. On our own or with the help of our team

High visibility of reports and analytics

Get a simple interface for analysts. Work with dozens of data sources, placing events on the same timeline

Fast implementation and easy training

MONQ is easy to install. We will provide fast integration and quickly write the necessary connectors. Learning to work with MONQ is easy - there is MONQ Brain program, clear instructions, a knowledge base and FAQ

Mony the Cat

MONQ is an AIOps-solution, "machine for a machine." But it works for people, and people need cats. Very soon Mony the Cat will create a good mood in the system, communicate with you in a chatbot, write letters and call.

How MONQ works?

Learn more about MONQ. Just click on the interested section


Learn more about MONQ. Just click on the interested section


strokeBuild the Collaboration Environment for Engineers

Connect to MONQ your systems and service desks, CMDB, task and project management system, corporate messengers, knowledgebase. What you will get?

  • Common Space for Support
  • Phone and messenger alerts to responsible team members
  • Auto-set incidents and tasks
  • Risk Analysis Data
  • Additional knowledge and experience


Сreate your automation scripts directly in the MONQ:

  • cURL
  • REST requests, SNMP management protocol
  • Bash, and SSH commands, Lua and JS operators are available.

Connect your automation tools, variable stores, and external runbooks (ansible and puppit) and run them easily from the MONQ.

strokeData Collection and Analysis

Collect in one system data from UX monitoring, synthetic testing, infrastructure monitoring, traffic monitoring, and network activity, application performance monitoring (APM), from logs and other unstructured data, business metrics (BI), IoT metrics and events, topology data and other unstructured data. Dozens of ready-made connectors are available in MONQ.

What you will get?

  • Historical data analysis
  • Failure and Anomaly Detection
  • Health and Performance Analysis
  • Data for analysis and forecasting

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